Use evergreen webinars to grow your business. Here’s how…

Not every event has to be a live event

  1. Folks have to go through and register to watch the content (grow your list)
  2. There are custom scheduling options
  3. It comes with notifications for both before and after the webinar
  4. It has actual links to Calls to Actions that appear at specific times you choose during the presentation

You don’t need a huge mailing list

It’s not hard to get started

  1. Record a new webinar with distinct calls to action for your products and services
  2. Set it up in as an evergreen webinar
  3. Create some engaging ads on FB using content related to the webinar
  4. Use custom audience ads to send people to your webinar.



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Aidan Crawford

Aidan Crawford

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Aidan is the go-to marketing guy for professional speakers trainers and consultants. He likes his wife and kids. Loves his beer and indie rock.